Matthew Brookson

Software Engineer

Passionate about building quality software and user experiences.

Matthew Brookson


I'm Matthew, a full stack software engineer from Norfolk, UK. Throughout my career so far I have developed a variety of skills working with various technologies related to web and mobile, including front and backend technologies, frameworks, APIs and databases. I have experience ranging from building small websites and apps to building scalable enterprise applications in the cloud.

  • I have a real passion for software.
  • I enjoy learning about architecture and design patterns.
  • I strive to deliver clean, maintainable code and quality user experiences.
  • Although my career has primarily focused around C# and JavaScript, Iā€™m able to adapt my skills to design solutions to interesting problems. I enjoy researching and learning about how other successful companies have solved technical challenges.


A collation of blog posts. Read about my experiences, tips and things I've learned as a software engineer.


Full-stack Software Engineer

February 2022 - Present

  • Improving and maintaining existing .NET applications to deliver value to internal and external users.
  • Striving to improve code quality and implement best practices.
  • Designing and creating new features for the next generation microservice platform using .NET, NodeJS and React.
  • Working effectively with both in-person teams and multi-timezone remote teams.


Outside of my professional career I enjoy creating projects of my own. Check out some of my work for previous clients and personal projects.

CB AutoServices

I created a website for a reputable BMW and MINI specialist garage in Essex. The aim was to provide information about services on offer and to make it easy for customers to get in touch. Built with Next.js and Tailwind.CB AutoServices

Allergen Directory

I co-built a fully custom platform for finding places to eat and sharing food reviews for restaurants based on food allergies. Built with ASP.NET Core and Angular, using Elasticsearch for querying a large dataset of restaurants that were initially populated from a scaper. This has since been decommissioned due to cost and lack of users, but was a fun pet project for while.Allergen Directory

React Simple Hook Modal

A lightweight and simple modal library for React. It uses React context and portals to render modals with a hook-based API. As of 2022 it consistently gets multiple hundreds of downloads from NPM per week. Built with TypeScript, TSDX and Tailwind.React Simple Hook Modal


Core skills

.NET Core
Software architecture

Other experience

React Native
Ionic Framework

Commonly used tools

Jetbrains Rider
Jetbrains DataGrip
Visual Studio Code

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