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Side Projects

Vehicles On Set

A marketplace platform where vehicle owners can list their vehicles for media companies to rent and use in TV and film productions.Vehicles On Set

Blog Factory

An AI-powered content generation tool designed to make it quick and easy to create blog articles.Blog Factory

Allergen Directory

I co-built a platform for finding places to eat and sharing food reviews for restaurants based on food allergies. Built with ASP.NET Core and Angular, using Elasticsearch for querying a large dataset of restaurants that were initially populated from a scraper. The project has since been decommissioned, but was a fun pet project for while.Allergen Directory

React Simple Hook Modal

A lightweight and simple modal library for React. It uses React context and portals to render modals with a hook-based API. As of 2022 it consistently gets multiple hundreds of downloads from NPM per week. Built with TypeScript, TSDX and Tailwind.React Simple Hook Modal